Are Vibe Kayaks Any Good?

Yes, vibe kayaks are good. They are durable and have a great design. The kayaks are also lightweight and easy to transport. If you’re in the market for a kayak, you may be wondering if a vibe kayak is a good option. The answer is yes! Vibe kayaks are well-made, stable, and comfortable – perfect …

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how to paddle a kayak correctly For Beginners Guide

how to paddle a kayak

I have been kayaking for a long time since I was a teenager. So when my friends want to take up kayaking, they seek my advice. I have kayaked with many beginners, and let me tell you one mistake that they make. Most first-time kayakers do not know how to paddle a kayak correctly, which …

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Hodges Canoe & Kayak Trips in 2023


When I started kayaking, the biggest challenge was finding good kayaking spots. Even though I loved some areas, I wanted to explore. When I began to look for new places, that is when trouble came along. If you live around a place that is naturally surrounded by water, then you are fortunate. I did not …

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