Kayak Fishing In Georgia- Review and Guide 2023

In my childhood, I have seen all of my elder cousins go kayak fishing on their vacations. I used to think, what is so special about kayaking? Though I was not allowed to go with them because I was little. But after growing up, I started to go kayak fishing.

 Not to say more, but whenever I get some time, I go kayak fishing. Do you live in Georgia? And do not know how to start your kayak fishing here? Well, I am here to help you out. In this article, I will give the ins and outs of kayak fishing in Georgia.

Some Best Places For Kayak Fishing In Georgia

In Georgia, you can enjoy kayak fishing with a great view of lakes, rivers with mountains and hills. Anyway, now I will be discussing some great places for kayak fishing.

1. Chattooga River

This river is one of the longest flowing rivers in Georgia. The interesting part is it flows between the boundary of Georgia and South Carolina. You will find whitewater in the summer.

If you are a beginner or a skilled angler, you will find this place exciting. You can learn the basic skills of kayaking from this whitewater river. With some experts, you will be an expert in kayak fishing.

2. Blue Ridge River

It is one of the most picture-perfect rivers in Georgia. You can explore on your own because this river is so calm. If you want to attempt an adventure, that is also possible. Make sure to have an expert with you to improve your skills.

3. Chattahoochee River

If you want to go kayak fishing in Georgia, you do not want to miss the Chattahoochee River. This river flows in the heart of the Atlanta Metro. It is one of the most loved rivers for kayaking among people.

For beginners, it will be the best place for paddling and kayak fishing. There is a park too in which people can enjoy a picnic. The fascinating thing is you can go running and hiking too.

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4. Lake Burton        

This beautiful lake is located between Lake Burton and Lake Rabun. It has a picnic area too, and you can enjoy beachy vibes in this lake.

Experts recommend that morning is the best time for kayak fishing in this lake. It is very quiet and calm. You will enjoy every bit of it if you go kayak fishing.

Regulations in Georgia  

There are some rules and regulations for kayaking in Georgia. Although many people overlook this topic, it should always be kept in mind before kayaking. Here are some regulations for kayaking in Georgia.

  • Registration

If you are kayaking with a gas or electric motor kayak, then you must register beforehand. But if you are using a paddling kayak, registration is not required.

  • Life Jackets

Everyone needs to wear a life jacket. Also, it is very important to wear life jackets for children. But it should be coast guard approved.

There are different types of life jackets available. You can choose according to your preference.

  • Lights for kayak

If you want to kayak at night or go fishing with a kayak, then you must use lights in your kayak. You can install a light pole to see everything more clearly.

The state law of Georgia has a requirement for using lights in a kayak. They recommend solid white light while kayaking at night or fishing.

  • Sound-making device

Having a whistle all-time in a kayak can save you from an unpredictable situation. You can ask for help anytime with your sounding device.

Although, it is not always required to have a sound device in a kayak on the state. But if you are crossing the state and entering any federal area, you must keep this with you.

Important Tips For Kayak Fishing In Georgia

Kayak fishing is comparatively more interesting than fishing from a powerboat. You can explore more places. Also, it is affordable, and you can enjoy the fresh breeze. However, there are important tips which I want to share with you now.

  1. Be specific while buying the kayak. You have to consider the speed, stability, paddle type, storage, etc. There are a bunch of options which you can find. According to your choice and budget, find the best kayak for yourself.
  2. You need to be familiar with the kayak fishing community. As a beginner, you can get in touch with the community through social media or online groups. Talk to them, and you will get some knowledge.
  3. You have to check the weather before starting kayak fishing. You can read the weather forecast if there will be any rain or thunderstorm. If the weather is not in favor, don’t go out kayaking.
  4. Make sure to check all the safety measures. The paddle, lifejacket, safety gear, kayak seat, etc. Also don’t forget to take some necessary accessories like dry food, water, sunscreen etc.
  5. Always take some spare dresses and a swimsuit with you. You never know how the situation will be. It would be best if you were prepared for all kinds of environments.


1. Where to put fish during kayak fishing?

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You can carry a bag to put your fish in during kayaking. After you catch a fish, open the lid of the bag and put the fish. It would help if you closed the bag lid immediately; otherwise, fish can jump into the water.

2. Do you need fish finders for kayak fishing?

Your fishing will be a lot easier if you have fish finders. Make sure your fish finder has a larger screen. So, you can see everything very clearly. Also, fish finders have a built-in GPS. You will know your directions, maps etc., quickly. Buy any fish finder according to your budget.

3. Is fishing from a kayak difficult?

Sometimes it is considered a quite difficult task for fishing from a kayak. Because you need to cast in one hand and paddle with another hand. Only kayaking is easy with two hands. But you need some time and practice to fish in a kayak.

4. Do I have to wear a lifejacket during kayak fishing in Georgia?

Georgia has some strict rules for kayak fishing. All the concerned people who want to kayak fishing must wear lifejackets. Children under 13 years must wear life jackets all the time in open decks.

5. Do I need to get a license to kayak in Georgia?

Georgia has not set any kayaking license requirement yet. So, the answer is no. However, you need to follow some rules. Such as, children under 12 years are not allowed kayak fishing. Also, there are more rules and regulations you have to obey.

6. Which lights do I need to kayak at night?

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According to the rules, you will have to use lights if you want to kayak at night. You will need an electric torch or lantern of white light. In addition, you can install a light system in your kayak to be on the safe side.


If you are a beginner, the first step is to know the Georgia Kayak Regulation very clearly. Also, you can spend some time fishing with a kayak in a constant situation to get comfortable.

You can go kayaking when the water is calm enough. In the beginning, try to kayak in the lake or small water places. Practice will give you more control during kayaking. Do not risk your life for fish. Up until now, you have all the information about kayak fishing in Georgia. Start your kayak fishing journey without any hesitation. Stay safe and enjoy your vacation with fresh air.

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