Hurricane Kayak Reviews 2023

If your body is filled with adrenaline for the number of aquatic adventures, then I’d say choosing a kayak will be the first step. While we are talking about this topic, Hurricane Kayaks will be the first name that comes to your mind.

Why are they considered as one of the best? The most focusing point about this brand is how much sincere they are to the paddlers. The journey of these kayaks began in 1998, where a bunch of veterans introduced their talents in a new way.

When you see their product, you will understand every design is implemented to give the kayakers an excellent adventure, refined comfort, firm stability, and most importantly, limitless fun.

To increase your interest in this field, here go our hurricane kayak reviews. The next session provides basic information about kayaks and leads slowly to interacting with the hurricane kayaks.

Classification of Kayaks and Their Uses

The hurricane company provides a variety of choices to choose your kayak. The decision not only depends on the environment but also on what type of adventure you are looking for.

Buying one hurricane kayak will cover your years after years of experience. They attempt to serve you anytime with any problems your throw at them. So, here goes the types of kayaks that this top-notch brand has to offer you.

There are two basic types of Kayaks. They are:

  • Sit-on-top
  • Sit-in

Sit-on-top kayaks are basically where your feet are visible with the seat on the surface. People prefer this type for their simplicity and the freedom of movement.

If there is too much water being pulled in your kayak, there is a high possibility that you will drown yourself at one point. The most useful thing about the sit-on-top is that the water is automatically bailed out from the surface.

Moreover, it provides you with greater mobility about moving you’re according to the situation demands. If you see a rock obstacle in your way, you know what to do! These kayaks enable you to get out or into the water anytime you want.

The next stop to the station is the Sit-in kayaks, where instead of sitting on top of a kayak, you can push your body to control the movement of the kayak from the inside, which gives you greater control of your adventure.

Additionally, this type is also weather-friendly. As the half portion of your body will be inside the casing, it will provide suitable air cavities to keep the temperature under control, which is beneficial during winter.

Hurricane kayaks have a strong stand when it comes to beginners who are enthusiastic about kayaking. The more amateur you are, the more options they provide to feel you welcome.

Here go some more categories of Hurricane Kayaks to choose.

Recreational Kayaks

When it comes to the matter of space, these kayaks provide you with the maximum of them all. Compared to touring kayaks, they are easy during loading and unloading. In general, the height of a typical recreational kayak reaches up to 10 feet long.

Most users support recreational models if you are a beginner. If you want your kids to witness memorable kayaking, then buy this immediately. Because, the level of space they provide, you will be there with them the whole time.

If someone prefers sit-in rather than sit-on-top, they are in the right place.

Touring Kayaks

These kayaks are also referred to as sea kayaks. They are usually bigger in length than recreational ones, magnitude reaching up to 12 feet. The cockpit consists of more volume, which allows the kayakers to move their hips and thighs to bring more controlled kayaking.

Touring kayaks work best with the water level is much deep, and that is why it is recommended to initiate the kayak near the ocean, river, or any lake.

One drawback is that it is a bit complex to understand its function if you are an amateur. This kayak is therefore not suitable for families or lone kayakers who want to paddle around a pond or stream in comfort. Beginners should start with smaller, more accommodating kayaks.

Whitewater Kayaks

Among many hurricane kayak reviews, it is generally suitable for those who like to play it rough with mother nature. This type can be further categorized into playboats, river runners, creek boats, and longboats.

Depending on your guts, you should choose a suitable whitewater kayak depending on its durability, length, and ease of use. Experts suggest not to buy whitewater kayaks if you are a beginner.

While all surface sports include some risk, whitewater kayaking is riskier than a leisurely paddle through a calm stream. Before going on to this challenging kayak, we recommend that you choose and master a sit-on-top or recreational sit-in kayak.

Mentionable Features of Hurricane Kayaks

Hurricane kayaks rule when it comes to thermal molding. This innovative construction in the plastic makes it lightweight, durable, and other mind-blowing features a kayaker could hope.

They offer a series of kayaks from which you can choose our most valuable one. Not going into the details, here are some of the honorable mentions from the series of Hurricane kayaks.

PRIMA Series

It is the latest design from their manufacturers. The design has brought more aerodynamics, lightweight property and the sleek length makes it a first-class model with enough storage for your survival needs.


This series offers a wide range of sit-in recreational kayaks that satisfy every kayaker according to their needs. It is perfect for any weather condition, fishing, or wildlife experience.


It comes from the lightweight sit-on-top kayaks with a combination of durability, molded plastic, and a stellar hull design. It offers a great speed as the length is comparatively bigger. They provide to seat with nice body grip, efficient curving, and the versatility every paddler seeks.


The Sojourn series is for individuals looking for increased speed and accuracy on the water with no full-on 17-foot touring kayak. We can easily summarize the Sojourn range of kayaks as transitional, with higher success and a streamlined hull while maintaining amenities like an adjustable chair.

Hurricane’s lightweight thermal-molded material ensures that these kayaks are not only light but also extremely durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does hurricane kayak compensate for the absence of roto-molded?

If the connection is between the flat water, a hurricane kayak will be as durable as a roto-molded kayak.

  • Does hurricane kayak offer cockpit covers and spray skirts?

There are several hurricane dealers who offer a wide variety of cockpit covers and spray skirts that will fit perfectly with any product from the hurricane.

  • What is the storage plan for the hurricane kayaks?

Hurricane produces all-season kayaks for you to engage at kayaking anytime. If you plan to store it, make sure the resting place is under the foam with the tip facing upside down.

  • What size of hurricane kayak should I buy?

Recreational kayaks are less than 12 feet long, whereas touring kayaks range between 12-16 feet. Hurricane produces some models that can offer you lengths of more than 16 feet.

Do your research before buying one.

  • What is the importance of kayak speed?

Kayak speed mainly depends on the paddler. We primarily did the comparison in terms of longevity and durability in the water.

  • What kayak paddle does a hurricane offer?

The answer mainly depends on the torso height of the paddler. If the range falls between 22-36 inches, the kayak paddle falls between 180-250 centimeters.

  • What type of hull does a hurricane offer?

There are mainly four types: flat, rounded, V-shaped, and pontoon. If you are a beginner, the ideal hull type would be pontoon.


From reading this article, understand that there are many kayaks to choose from, and you should have a kin observation before settling on one. The first decide whether you want a sit-in like the recreational ones or sit-on-top like the others.

There are so many articles, explanation for your better point of view on these products. But the hurricane kayak reviews we provided sum for all of them.

Next time someone asks you about hurricane kayaks, do not forget to acknowledge them at once!

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