Hodges Canoe & Kayak Trips in 2023

When I started kayaking, the biggest challenge was finding good kayaking spots. Even though I loved some areas, I wanted to explore. When I began to look for new places, that is when trouble came along.

If you live around a place that is naturally surrounded by water, then you are fortunate. I did not have any water bodies around me, but I had some incredible journeys using the Hodges canoe and kayak trips.

Are you looking for new kayaking spots but do not know how to find one? Using this guide, you can find kayaking spots easily around you.

Researching Hodges Canoe & Kayak Trips Online:

In today’s time, online research is the best way to find out more about kayak spots. It will save you time and money. Online research will take you closer to finding the perfect kayak spots for you.

If your city is big enough, it will have a separate Parks and Recreation department. It will give you information about where you can kayak and paddle. Apart from that, it will tell you what types of rentals are available.

After you have found the spot, check the spot before you go kayaking.

Check your local parks website and national park service:

If you do not get enough information from the Parks and Rec department, you can check the local parks. If the local parks have rivers and lakes, see if they allow kayaking.

The Department of Natural Resources can provide you with local parks or national park services. National park services are those that are set on federal levels. But the problem with these websites is that not all of them will have enough information.

Search for local paddling clubs:

There are very high chances your area has a local paddling club full of other kayakers. And you will find kayakers of all ages and types. They will be able to tell you about their favorite spots, and you can check them out.

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You can use apps like Facebook to join many other groups in your area. You will not only find some good spots, but you will also make some new friends. Clubs will welcome you into the community, and you will also be able to hear many interesting stories.

But if you are unable to find any social media sites, try opening up a new group. Then add more people to your group to make it bigger.

Try to ask the local people and paddlesport retailers:

No one knows any area better than the locals. So you can go around your area and ask the local people about any lakes or rivers that allow kayaking. I learned about hodge canoe & kayak trips from a friendly local.

If your area has a kayak shop or sells kayak gear, you can try asking the shopkeepers. They will know about kayaking spots around the site and be happy to guide you.

Another tip is that you can ask the customers where they kayak most of the time. You can ask them to take you with them, or you can go out on your own.

Ask your friends who kayak:

If you have friends who kayak, then you are in for a treat. Your friends will have many favorite kayaking spots, and they can take you there. It is also important to note that kayaking with your friends is far more fun than kayaking with strangers.

You can also show some of your favourite kayaking spots to your friends. If you want, you and your friends can take trips to other places to try out new kayaking spots.


How to launch your kayak:

After finding your perfect kayak, you have to know how to launch it. Launching a kayak is easy once you know what to do.

Before you launch your kayak, you need to know what area you are launching it in. Launching a kayak is different in the ocean than launching it into lakes or rivers. So if you want to make your launching easier, you have to know the kind of water body you are kayaking in.

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Launching a kayak from ashore:

Here are some of the ways you can launch your kayak from ashore:

  • Go into the water and stand in position- Move into the water and be careful of any rocks that might get stuck to your kayak or your clothing. Then stand carefully with your paddles in your hand.
  • Balance yourself and sit inside your kayak- Grab your paddles and balance your weight when entering the cockpit. Look out for waves and or any other boats nearby.
  • Put your feet inside- Try entering into the kayak with your feet first. Once you are inside the cockpit, put your feet against the footpegs.
  • Start paddling- Once you are inside the kayak, put your paddle in one hand. Then use your body to push the kayak forward. When you hit the water, start paddling usually.

Launching from a dock:

  • Before you launch, wear a life jacket that will save you in any case of emergency.
  • Take your paddles and put them into the dock. Release your kayak and sit on the pier.
  • Then carefully lower your legs into the kayak and try to balance your weight.
  • Once seated inside the kayak, place your legs on the footpegs. Keep your back straight and start paddling into the water.

Common mistakes during launching:

Launching can be done very quickly with a bit of practice. But most beginners make some mistakes that make launching difficult for them.

The first thing is to stay calm and do not panic. During the launch, you have to balance your weight and keep your kayak straight. So if you panic, it will be hard to stay still.

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Look at the weather conditions before launching. If the weather is rough, wait before you launch. Launching your kayak in high winds and rough water will be tricky, even if you are a pro-kayaker.

Do not forget to take your essential items like your water bottle or safety kit. But that does not mean you will take things you do not need. Remember that your kayak has a weight limit, so it is better not to cross it.

Frequently asked questions:

You are almost ready to start looking for new kayaking spots. But before that, let me answer some questions that might come to your mind after reading this guide.

1. Do kayaks need lights at night?

If you like kayaking after sunset, then it is better to have a light on your kayak.

2. Can I kayak in any river?

Yes, one can kayak in almost all rivers, except you might need a license to kayak in some rivers.

3. How to store a kayak?

It would help if you stored a kayak upside down so that no dents appear anywhere.

4. Are you allowed to kayak on reservoirs?

No, most reservoirs do not let anyone kayak unless you have private access.

5. Can I launch a kayak without getting wet?

This depends on where and when you are launching.

6. Is it more accessible to kayak or canoe?

This depends on what you like and which one you enjoy more.


Every kayaker knows the beautiful feeling of finding a new kayaking spot. It feels like a hidden treasure. The Hodges canoe and kayak trips have helped me to see many new places myself. If you are one of those who does not know the first thing about finding kayaking spots, this guide will be the one to help you.

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