Are Brooklyn Kayaks any good? – BKC Kayak Review 2024

Want to buy a new kayak and still be confused about which one you should get?

We can easily understand the situation when anyone takes steps to buy any product for the first time. It’s not easy to buy an important tool that is connected to your passion.

When I bought my first kayak, what I was looking for in my first kayak, were all present in Brooklyn Kayaks.

I know many anglers look for good reviews when they think of buying a new product from a specific company.

Brooklyn Kayak Company is nowadays a popular company. They get lots of positive reviews from their buyers. Day by day, they are adding some better features to their new products.

I used some of their kayaks, and in this case, I have to say they brought some useful kayaks to the market. They are all excellent and fulfill all the needs anyone may want.

So, let’s get to the topic, “Are Brooklyn Kayaks any good?- Brooklyn Kayak Reviews.”

Brooklyn Kayak Company BKC Reviews

Interesting facts about the BKC:

Brooklyn Kayak Company is an online-based company based in Brooklyn. The founders of this company are kayak lovers who were looking for some good kayaks that would provide them with all the benefits they wanted.

According to the company founders, they did not get a kayak that offered all the features they wanted. So they started making kayaks and chose an online platform to buy them. They wanted all the fishing features, as well as stability and durability that would not cost a lot of money.

So some affordable but high-combined features were very hard to get.

So the Brooklyn kayak has some nice features that aren’t going to break the bank.

The Brooklyn Kayaks have:


All anglers want a kayak that meets all of their needs. A Brooklyn kayak is one of those things that offer almost anything an angler could want. It has amazing durability, plenty of features, provides more consistency, is also comfortable and fun to use.

Today we will talk about some specific features, built quality, storage, and comfort.

Let’s get into the topic. Are Brooklyn Kayaks any good?


Brooklyn kayaks are made of polyethylene. Not only is Brooklyn, but a lot of kayaks are made of polyethylene. It is a lightweight material. Many companies use this material to build their kayaks.

The speciality of this material is that it is lightweight, durable, and affordable as well. The Brooklyn Kayaks have a good capacity that is enough for almost all the anglers.

The kayaks are lightweight and comfortable to ride.

If you want to fish by yourself, you can easily carry it from water to water. Brooklyn kayaks have side-mounted carrying handles.

Also, solo anglers have a carved handle so that they can carry it with comfort.

Storage Space:

Brooklyn kayaks offer enough storage for both single person and double person boats. You can safely carry all the things you have carried. The gear, fishing tools and anything you brought.  There are some watertight compartments in the kayaks. They are all in front of the seat and easily accessible.

There will also be a large cargo area for larger things. Also, some of them have elastic bands to carry something that may slip into the water.

It also serves as a rod holder. You will be satisfied with the Brooklyn kayak storage. You can hardly find any shortage of storage.

Very Comfortable:


When you are out with your kayak, undoubtedly, you will spend hours in it. You need your kayak to be comfortable. You must need a comfortable seat with all your preferable features.

In that case, get a Brooklyn kayak. It will give you a comfortable seat with amazing features and perfect storage at a very good price. The money you are going to spend is worth it.

They have adjustable and high-backed seats that are suitable for any type of person. These kayaks will offer you leg rooms, and I’m sure you are going to love this feature. Yes, it is the cockpit. The cockpit is roomy enough that you can enjoy the facilities of the legroom.

As I said, you will get your equipment near to your hand. These kayaks are designed in such a way that you will have no trouble reaching your desired destination. The storage systems are conveniently placed.

Good Stability and Easy to Control:

All the anglers want stability more than anything else. You can also improve stability by using the molded channels on the hull.

There is a standing platform from where you can easily get in and get out. It’s also very stable for you to fish standing up. Sometimes, when you are bored with sitting, you can try to stand up and fish comfortably.

I mentioned the hull’s moulded channels, which will allow you to position yourself near your favorite fishing spot.

There is a rudder for your pinpoint control. You have to operate it with your foot.

If you want to focus on your fishing without thinking about the fishing place, water type, or the quality of kayak, the Brooklyn kayak company has brought some excellent designs that will provide you with as much fun fishing as you desire.

5 Best BKC Kayak Review: Manufactured by Brooklyn Kayak Company

These Brooklyn kayaks have a lot to offer, from real-life kayaking experiences to fishing. Therefore, it is time to generalize Brooklyn kayak reviews by looking at some of their top-notch products.

1. BKC FK184 9′ Single Sit-on-Top Fishing Kayak


Let’s start things solo! This BKC FK184 offers all the premium features that a solo kayaker will need. The gears are very to install, so whether you want afternoon fishing or lake roaming in the morning, the FK184 sit-on-top kayak will be ready anytime.

As for the material type, the body is graded with high-density polyethene suitable for the ocean, lake, or river kayaking or fishing. Because of the graded quality, this kayak is durable and weighs about 44 pounds.

This model is equipped with four fishing rod holders so that you can set multiple fishing directions to attract the fish. As for the paddles, you can also paddle them with the support of the rod holders.

FK184 has waterproof storage on one side of the kayak, which will hold all your necessary equipment or gear that you will need for your kayaking journey or fishing.

Other accessories include an adjustable Aluminium paddle, one bungee rope to tie the kayak down with nearby rocks, and adjustable foam seats that will make your seating hours more comfortable.


  • Highly graded polyethylene that accounts for durability
  • Waterproof storage unit
  • Additional accessories
  • Suitable for the ocean, river, or any lake kayaking
  • Lightweight model


  • It comes with only one color

2. BKC TK122U 12′ 6″ Tandem Sit on Top Fishing Kayak


Next on our list is a tandem kayak that will witness a fine bonding experience between your partner and yourself. With lots of color options, you can easily choose the best kayak for the outdoor kayaking experience.

The seats installed come with all the other accessories, which consist of two layers of foam that will make your hours of sitting feel like a cozy sofa sitting in your drawing room. There is plenty of room for each kayaker to sit and make themselves comfortable.

As for the weight, because of being a tandem kayak, it is about 78 pounds, which makes it hard to carry around on the back of your rover. Other accessories include Aluminium paddles, hatches, four additional rod holders, and waterproof storage unit for your food, water supply, and other protective gear.

The weight distribution of this 12.6 feet kayak is phenomenal, which keeps it stable during angling. Rounded hulls at the front give it enormous speed when paddled at full force. Because of the polyethene-graded body, it is durable and can withstand even a shark attack.


  • Enough room for a two-person kayak
  • Durable and suitable for hard kayaking
  • Comfortable seats and full of additional accessories
  • It contains a water-resistant storage unit
  • The price is low


  • The model is a bit heavyweight

3. BKC TK181 12.5′ Tandem Sit on Top Kayak

BKC TK181 12.5' Tandem Sit On Top Kayak

Another two-person kayak that has the ability to surpass the previous model of the BKC kayak is known as the BKC tandem 12.5 feet sit on top kayak. The material grading is the same for maximum models of Brooklyn kayaks, but the spacing between each paddler and amount of accessories are the main factors that make them superior to the other.

This kayak model has seven fishing rod holders situated at different places in the kayak. You can even set your paddles in these holders to make your paddles more comforting and not numbing your hands.

Accessories come even in more significant amounts in the case of this 12.5 feet kayak, and the water storage unit is even bigger so that you can store your fish bucket in it as well.

The most attractive part of this kayak is its weight, which is only 68 pounds, and it is very lightweight compared with the previous tandem kayak. With attractive green camo color, this kayak is also durable and ready to face the long-driven current of the river, lake, or even ocean.


  • It comes with a greater number of accessories
  • Attractive green camo color
  • Enough space between the kayakers
  • Lightweight model
  • Suitable for lake, river, or ocean


  • The seats are not that much comfortable.

4. BKC TK219 12.2′ Tandem Fishing Kayak


The name synchronizes with the reputation. This 12.2 feet tandem kayak is best for its soft padded seats, which are claimed as comfortable by many customers who have used this particular model.

Though the length of this kayak is a bit small, some claimed that the spacing between the kayakers is a bit narrow. Therefore, any tall person might face a problem resting their long feet along the kayak surface.

Other than that, this kayak is equally durable and stable on the water surface. The highly graded polyethene makes it superior to any inflatable kayak. Most kayakers complain about the weight of BKC’s kayaks. Keeping that parameter in mind, the weight of this model is about 62 pounds.

There are four-rod holders available in the accessories list of this kayak. Two will be additionally provided to you during the purchase. Despite the spacings, this kayak is advantageous for kayaking, fishing, durability, and stability. Also, the budget is flexible, so we would recommend that you consider this kayak while you intend to purchase one.


  • Comfortable soft padded seats
  • Extremely lightweight for a two-person kayak
  • Highly graded polyethene makes it durable
  • Waterproof huge storage unit
  • Flexible budget


  • The color of this kayak may fade from time to time

5. BKC UH-RA220 11.5 Foot Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak


Last but not least! This 11.5 feet one-person kayak is the best kayak for fishing as this has all the features a single person requires during fishing. If you wish to go solo on your fishing trip on a kayak within a very affordable budget, foot angler has got you covered.

Foot angler kayak has an additional rudder control installed, allowing you to control your kayak’s direction in case of any obstacle coming your way.

Though it is a one-person kayak, the amount of accessories is the same as other models, which makes it really money efficient for a single person. The additional accessories can be used for a more extended period.

It contains three waterproof hatches and storage, giving the angler plenty of room to store the food, equipment, fishing gear, and many more things. The foot angler comes with multiple color options at very reasonable prices. Therefore, through our research, we have found this model most suitable for a single person who intends to purchase a kayak.


  • Plenty of spaces for a one-person kayak
  • Rudder controls the pedal to avoid any obstacles
  • Three waterproof storage sections
  • Durable polyethene construction
  • Affordable prices


  • The kayak is not stable in case of long currents of water

Is Brooklyn Kayak Company Legit?

With all the customer reviews, one cannot deny that Brooklyn kayaks are not legit. Their kayaks are top quality, track well in the water, and with the hull shape in front, the kayak works great to surpass the air resistance.

Additionally, they provide great accessories along with the kayaks, which makes them efficient and cost-effective. BKC also provides a warranty on their products, therefore, the question of being legit is not on options.

Brooklyn Kayak Fishing

With the BKC fishing kayak, you will have the greatest experience in your angling. Starting from single kayak to tandem kayak, they have all types available so that you can make your decision faster.

They act as excellent inspiration for the anglers to get on with the kayaks and start fishing. The kayaks are durable, lightweight, and versatile for any aquatic actions.

Most importantly, the models have plenty of room in them, so store all fishing gear or equipment you need. During BKC kayak reviews, it has been repeatedly mentioned that BKC makes kayaks most suitable for fishing; the rest is up to you to decide.

Tips On Choosing the Best Brooklyn Kayak

When you purchase a kayak, you must imagine yourself through the greatest water paddling adventure ever. From weekend exploration on a local lake, a long vacation on Salt Sea Lake, or angling in your favorite part of the lake, you should know how much your kayak is worth.

Therefore, we have created a buying guide on Brooklyn kayak reviewsto help you decide and ensure that your spent money is worth every penny.

Place Of Paddling

Though kayaks are considered aquatic paddling equipment, the water surface may vary from time to time. Will many waves have the chance for your kayak to tip over? Then you will need a kayak that is durable and has equal distribution all over it.

On the other hand, if you want just a fishing kayak, then accounting for such durability is not necessary. Therefore, the place of the paddling matters in the decision of purchase.

If you are a seasonal kayaker with the aim of fishing, go for a model with plenty of room. Oppositely, if you wish to paddle in a dangerous water trench, you might need a strong and durable kayak.

Types Of Kayaks

Brooklyn kayaks generally produce two types of kayaks for you to choose from. They are:

  • Sit-on kayaks
  • Sit-in kayaks

Sit-on kayaks are generally manufactured for beginners. They are very to handle and also include easy get on and get in. Furthermore, they stay stable on the water surface, which makes the kayakers learn to paddle without any ease.

The open seats give you an open position to make contact with water. Therefore, paddling with sit-on kayaks will get you wet at some point. But, if you wish to purchase a kayak to learn how to kayak, sit-on kayaks will be the best option.

Sit-in kayaks are more durable and ready for some heavyweight paddling over long currents. Additionally, they are termed perfect for fishing kayak reviews.

They provide more protection while you sit and offer you more grip while fishing. Sit-in kayaks have more air circulation for temperature control if you wish to kayak in cold temperatures.

Suppose you want a kayak for some efficient paddling with faster speed. In that case, we suggest purchasing a sit-in kayak to make your kayaking experience from amateur to professional.

Shape Of the Kayak

Choosing a kayak with the right shape might make your kayaking lessons unique. The kayak’s shape will define its weight, speed, and versatility. If a kayak can reduce the drag force from the water, it will account for more speed and stability.

Most Brooklyn kayaks have rounded hulls, which makes them easy to maneuver and navigate in the water. They will be more stable when you try to fish while staying in your kayak.

As shapes also define weight, rounded hulls are the most lightweight kayak ever. It will also be easy to carry them to the shore and at the back of the truck. Hence, choosing the correct shape of the kayak is important before you tend to purchase one.

One-Person or A Tandem Kayak

One important that will raise an argument is “Should I purchase a one-person or a Tandem kayak?” A Tandem kayak is generally a two-person kayak where you can bond with your partner. Moreover, you can learn how to work as a team.

Also, if you wish to kayak solo, you can account for a one-person kayak. This lets you be all by yourself, so you can have the freedom to go wherever you want during your kayaking trip. Choosing the right person is essential for the budget of your kayak. If you wish to have more room in your kayak and your budget is flexible, that is an exceptional case! Suppose you are single; buying a tandem kayak will be unnecessary and expensive.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Where Are Brooklyn Kayaks Made?

The Brooklyn kayaks are designed in the USA and then manufactured in China. The product’s quality is top-graded Polyethylene with UV protection skills.

2. Where to Buy Brooklyn Kayaks?

Brooklyn kayak has its official page where you can locate its models and check out their features individually. On top of that, you will also find Brooklyn kayaks on Amazon.

3. Where Is Brooklyn Kayak Company Located?

The exact location of the Brooklyn kayak company is 61 N Park Ave, Keansburg, NJ.

4. Who Owns the Brooklyn Kayak Company?

There is no specific name mentioned on the basis Brooklyn kayak company owner. But the founders used to fish or kayak around New York Lake, which later turned into an enormous business idea.

5. Brooklyn Kayaks Are Made in Which Country?

BKC manufactures its products in China. They use all the quality products to make the kayak boats.

6. How Can I Buy a Brooklyn Kayak?

BKC has its official website. Where the buyers will get all the available products with the price mentioned. To buy one, you have to order your product and pay online. You will also get their kayak boats on Amazon.

7. Who Are the Founders and Key People of Brooklyn Kayaks?

Steve Hafnerand Paul M. English are the founder of BKC. GiorgosZacharia is the president, KoBaryimes is the CTO, Amy Wei is the CCO, Peer Bueller is the CFO, and Tore Pein Jensen is attending as CMO of the company.

8. What Materials Are Used to Make Brooklyn Kayaks?

Brooklyn Kayaks are made of high-density polyethylene, a lightweight and durable material.

9. Where Are the Kayaks Shipped?

The kayaks are shipped within the mainland United States and 48 other states except for Alaska and Hawaii.

10. What’s the Weight Capacity of Brooklyn Kayaks?

The weight differs according to different models. Each kayak has different type of weight capacity.

Some are 50 pounds, and some of them are 100 pounds. You will get all the information about the weight, length, hull width, and capacity on the products page.

Final Verdict

I hope today’s discussion about Are Brooklyn Kayaks any good? It will help you to learn everything about BKC.

As an angler, you must want to enjoy your life on the water. You need a very comfortable kayak boat that will be the best water partner for you. BKC Tandem Fishing Kayaks are designed with the view of serving all the purposes of an angler.

These are the ideal watercraft for all. A fisherman, an adventure lover, and an outdoors person will all get the desired comfort and stability in their boats. Without any extra cost, the buyers will get the top features that an expensive kayak may provide.

So don’t think much. Get yourself a Brooklyn kayak boat, and enjoy your life on the water.

Happy kayaking!

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