annapolis kayak tours Review and Guide 2023

When summer arrives, Annapolis Kayak Tours is the most exciting thing to do. Americans so obsessed with kayaking when it’s hot.

Yeah, I can feel it. I love kayaking on a warm day. It feels so good to feel the water when the weather is sunny.

Kayak tours in Annapolis are no wonder, an amazing thing to do. No one doesn’t love kayaking in Annapolis.

Before a trip, there are some facts you should know. Having ideas about the place and the kayaking environment can make you much more comfortable.

So, do you want me to provide the maximum amount of information about kayaking in Annapolis?

Here, I will explain all the things about Annapolis and its kayak facilities.


All about annapolis kayak tours

Annapolis is the capital city of Maryland. It is a young and vibrant city, aged only 350 years. This city is very famous for kayaking. People who love kayaking gather in Annapolis, mostly in the summer.

There are sailing and boating communities and kayaking communities that offer different kinds of packages for tourists.

Annapolis is open every day. I am mentioning this just to let you know that if you are available for a trip, then you don’t need to wait for the weekend. Not only on Saturday and Sunday, but the Annapolis kayak tour is also available seven days a week.

There are different packages and also different offers for some exact days or hours.

On Mondays, some shops run a happy hour promotion where you can get food for half price.

Annapolis Kayak welcomes their knowledgeable team members who are always taking care of their visitors, providing them information, and guiding them in different ways.

First, you have to decide what exactly you are looking for. If you are looking for an adventurous day trip, then look at their huge rental inventory. They have a large number of kayaks for rent. Choose a nice kayak and talk to the shop in charge.

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The kayaks are affordable. Here I can give you an idea of the rental cost of the plastic kayaks.

  • $20-$30 per hour
  • $50-$60 per day
  • 70-80$ Overnight during the week
  • 100-110 $ per weekend
  • 220-250$ per week

You can get your breakfast, lunch or dinner from the shops near the road. The food is not very expensive. Annapolis is such a place where you can spend your days off with all the things you want for a relaxing trip.

Annapolis Kayak Tour Guide For Your Trip

It is better to have some ideas about the places you are going to visit on a trip. If you can select a place previously, then it will save you time and energy. There are a lot of nice places in Annapolis where you will get the best environment and other facilities.

The parking areas, resting zones, shades, and food availability are all very important for a day-long trip. Now I am going to give you some ideas about some specific places you can visit.

1. Quit water park: It’s a very lovely park. You can have a short trip to this place. I can surely say anyone who lives in nature is going to love this nice park.

You can visit the garden, hike here, kayak here, or choose this place for a family or friend’s picnic. You will enjoy every moment here.

2. Back Creek nature park: This is one of the best places in Annapolis. Kayaking is more enjoyable here, and the lovely natural view will bless your eyes with peace. It has a boundary with Back Creek, and the modern ecological balance gives a very nice sight.

3. Truxton Park:Truxton Park is also a very nice place for kayaking. It’s an underrated place that is not that popular, but this place is a package for kayak lovers.

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There is an easy parking zone.

The spa creek waterway is a no-wake zone that refers to its closeness to the shore. It’s a short destination from Annapolis harbour. It’s one of the most preferable areas for Annapolis kayak tours.

4. The waterfront park: The waterfront park has a very nice view. Even for non-paddlers, this place is one of the best choices. A versatile, green water area that has two parking areas, a floating launch pad, and some shaded areas to take a rest is undoubtedly all we look for.

If you google it with its name, you will see some soothing pictures that are too attractive to go there.


Frequently asked questions:

  1. Are there any kayaking regulations in Annapolis?
  • Life jacket rules: Wearing life jackets while kayaking is a safety requirement there. You have to carry a wearable coast guard-approved PFD. So that you can use it for safety purposes. Children under 13 have to wear life jackets all the time.
  • Kayaking lights: You have to have legal lighting for visibility. There are some specific times when you have to turn the light on to make you visible to other boats.

2. Where can I kayak in Annapolis?

Annapolis is the best place for kayaking. You can get your power over there. It feels like your own place, your people with precious energy.

I already mentioned four places for kayaking in Annapolis. Quiet Water Park, Back Creek nature park, Truxton park, and the waterfront park.

There are many more places. You can get help from Google, YouTube, and other sites.

3. How can I rent a kayak in Annapolis?

You can use it two ways. First, you can shop in stores. Go to Annapolis and choose a rental provider. Some inns will offer you different kinds of packages for your tour and kayaking. You can buy any of them.

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Another way is you can look for an affordable and likeable package on the internet. All the rentals have their site on the internet. So I can book a package beforehand and then go kayaking.

4. Can I fish while kayaking in Annapolis?

Yes, you can. You can carry fishing equipment in your kayak and catch some fish along with your partners. Annapolis is not a fishing place for anglers, but if you want to fish to pass some quality time, then you can fish there.

5. Can I kayak anywhere in Maryland?

Maryland’s weather is perfect for kayaking. As there are a lot of waterfronts in Maryland, you can kayak anywhere in the state.

6. Can I kayak without a life jacket?

You must carry a PFD for every person. It’s best if you all wear it. But you can go into the water without wearing a life jacket when you are with your partners. But when you are alone, you must wear it.


Annapolis is the best place in Maryland for kayaking. When the weather is too hot in the summer, the life of water is very appealing!

This place is known as the “Sailing Capital of the World”. The comfort, weather, kayaking environment, and touring facilities you will get in Annapolis can hardly be found in another place.

I hope all the information I have shared will be helpful for you. You will love Annapolis Kayak Tours. May summer brings a lot of joy for you and your beloved people. So, it’s adventure time now. Go to Annapolis, get your kayak, and enjoy life on the water.

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