Anacortes Kayak Tours Reviews- Your Adventure Awaits!

Corporate life has some disadvantages which drastically effects your personal life. Not spending some quality time with your loved ones is nothing but a moment of regret.

Let’s paint a story of you, your wife, children, and friends all kayaking through San Juan Island. Do you realize how happy that would make you and your closest?

Yes! This island is situated in Washington State, where you can have the best time of your life if you are a kayaking enthusiast. For this memorable tour, all you must do is call Anacortes.

They provide you with a day trip, multi-day trip kayaking experience with some of the best tour guides they recruit every year. As the word goes, “Travel has their meaning in daily lives”, let us dig into the Anacortes kayak tour reviews.

Reasons for choosing Anacortes Kayak Tours

Anacortes Kayak Tours have been running broadly after they collaborated with Adventure Terra. For almost 15 years, they have been the only company contracted by the Washington State Parks to run their business.

The amount of area they have available, they rarely share their water resources and give their customer a worry-free kayaking tour. As their word goes, they are proudly different, andthere are many reasons you should book Anacortes to spend your lovely vacation and the details go down with the bullet points.

  • The Trip Advisor rated Anacortes the number 1 sea kayaking in San Juan Island from 2015-2017.
  • With beautiful scenery and wildlife views, they are also considered as the number 1 Eco-adventure in Washington State starting from the year 2011.
  • Safety regulations were the top-most priority for Anacortes. They recruit many tour guides every year with good years of experience.

You worry about your quality time! The rest is up to them.

  • They have many tour options available for you. They were starting from a single day to multi-day, even ending with the beautiful camping experience at the shore of the San Juan Island.
  • For those of you who like to travel solo! Anacortes Kayak tours offer independent kayaks for professional kayakers.
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Anacortes Kayak Tours Reviews

Mentionable reviews about Anacortes Kayak Tours

5 Stars

  • Review 1:

Jennifer, along with his husband, participated in one of their most memorable trips ever. She told them they were a group of six who learned many things about kayaking being on this adventure.

The guide they were provided with has been so friendly with them that they mentioned, “Sam was a great guide making sure everyone felt comfortable”. He helped the tourists get comfy as possible during the night, hoe to survive the cold wind while observing the beautiful stars in the sky.

Jennifer abruptly mentioned how great Anacortes company is and they recommended not a have a single thought if someone was thinking for a kayaking tour.

Review 2:

Another guy Kennet was glad to get the best hospitality ever. He got the idea of a sudden tour late in one week and was very surprised to see how quickly the Anacortes’ registration was processed.

Just after arriving at the spot, their guide West mentioned a tour to the beach and suggested hydrating themselves before the real show. The rules were explained very smoothly without any confusion.

Kennet did not face any difficulties while working with all the gears of the kayaks because, at Anacortes, they seek to guide you through the installation of the gears with as little complexity as possible.

After the trip, their beautiful solo customer mentioned, “If you want to get a first timer in the water, this is the way to go or if the family just wants to do something. Highly recommend it!”.

What more is there to expect? Next, on our Anacortes kayak toursreviews, we present you with the four stars categories.

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4 Stars

Review 1:

Melanie pulled out the most noticing part about Anacortes. She pointed out how much aquatic knowledge each tour guides carry in their brain. Her son is 11 years old and had his first kayaking tour.

Their guide showered her son with all the names of the marine animals and try to answer every question the little John threw at her.

Melanie praised the environment and the night scene and recommended any family start looking for this place on their weekends.

Review 2:

Jessica said, and we quote, “Best honeymoon ever!”. After all the hard times during the COVID-19 period, they finally had their sweet moment of 2020. Their guide was so patient with them as they stopped her at many places because of their honeymoon photoshoots.

One tour guide answered all their questions at the start of the tour. They went on the kayaking tour for one and half hours, had an amazing meal break, and spent the night at the camp under the careful supervision of their guides.

On Anacortes’s website, Jessica wrote they were very careful about social distancing because of the COVID situation, which was a moment of relief for her.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you observe whales during kayaking on San Juan Island?

Whales are deep water mammals. Kayaking on water does not cover the exact amount of water for the whales to arrive.

In conclusion, it is highly unlikely to observe a whale while you kayak.

  • Does the cost of a multi-day trip account for a single person only?

Anacortes offers multi-day trip, which is set for one person only. All those facilities they will provide are all the cost of meals, camping gear and, as well as all your paddling equipment and a professional guide.

  • Is it safe to kayak on San Juan Island?

San Juan Island is best known for its evergreen beauty, and they are famous for their kayaking stories. Under abnormal circumstances, some kayakers face high tidal currents that are difficult to deal.

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But with experience guides from Anacortes, you will have minimum risk of putting your life in danger.

  • What are the places to kayak on San Juan Island?

Anacortes provides the best place for kayaking. San Juan Island is known as the Orcas Island. Among these places, the Westside and Eastside have been divided into two portions which include the following touring spots.

  • Double Cove
  • Bay Head Marina
  • Orcas Village
  • Deer Harbor Preserve
  • Cayou Quay Marina
  • Deer Harbor Marina
  • Massacre Bay
  • Deer Harbor
  • West Sound Marina
  • Is it possible to get attacked by an orca while someone is kayaking?

Orcas generally do not attack the kayakers in the wild. But that does not mean one should not be careful before getting close to one of them.

  • What to do if someone encounters an orca?

As per the expert’s suggestions, one should try to remain calm, relaxed and try to be as joyful as possible. It’s the fear that they smell!


After seeing all the facilities Anacortes provides, I could not resist going along with their service. And trust me! It is one of the most memorable and daring adventures of my life.

I fell in love with the place, and tears were pouring from my eyes while I was leaving the site. Among all the Anacortes kayaks tours reviews, I concluded with mine.

I will not hesitate to visit that place one more time. So, what are you waiting for? Visit their website and fill-up the forms already. It will be an adventure you will never forget!

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