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This is Ryan and James.

Welcome to Our KayaksView Blog.

We love adventure and have been lake kayaking, river kayaking, ocean kayaking for the last 8 years. Two Tandem, two Touring, and three fishing kayaks owned by us. We are enthusiasts to kayak fishing with my angler fellows and dogs, kids, and sometimes with our wife.

As pro anglers, we have the wonderful experience of kayaking and fishing. We are sharing our views with beginners so that they can easily find their queries and increase their problem-solving capacity by gathering valuable knowledge.

We have created this blog to help those who are newbies and kayak enthusiasts.

We are publishing a lot of informative articles daily on this website, along with some of our real reviews here. We think that our resource would be very helpful to you.

Stay tuned to get the update Kayakers & Paddlers stuff fastly.

Thanking You,

Ryan S. Smith

Kayaker and Editor-in-charge